Structural Surveys

A house is probably the largerst purchase most people will ever make in their lifetime. Accordingly, it is important to ensure that the investment will fulfill the requirements in terms of structural stability.

John Neylon & Associates have undertaken over 1,000 visual and structural surveys on behalf of potential purchasers, providing detailed, factual reports, which are set ou in non-technical language.

These reports outline, where applicable, existing and potential problems vis-à-vis structural stability, bearing capacity, ground heave and subsidence.

They also incorporate floor level variations and examination of services such as water pressure, drainage, heating and electrical installations.

Comprehensive photographic montages are attached with all our surveys, which explain and highlight the relevant aspects and draw the client’s attention to the anomalies involved.

This ensures that the potential purchaser knows the condition of the building, prior to signing the contract. We also carry out surveys for vendors who wish to provide potential purchasers with a report prior to purchase.

Similar surveys and reports can be executed for clients who have been requested by their financial institutions to prove that the property is structurally sound and adequate for purpose.

Engineering Services

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